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Specialist Car Storage for Prestige Motor Cars.

Autoexpress International can provide specialist car storage for both short and long term vehicle storage in a discreet and private location.

Utilising dry de-humidified units with the options of a dust cover or a inflated air chamber with a recirculating fan system, we are the perfect choice to provide quality car storage.

Customers are always welcome to visit us during normal business hours to exercise their car in the surrounding countryside. We are happy to arrange your hotel booking etc if you want a weekend break in Dorset or the South of England.
We have our own in-house maintenance programme to keep your prestige motor car in tip top condition, checking all fluid levels, running the engine and rotating the roadwheels to prevent damage to tyres and wheel bearings.

We also provide planned running of engines and gearboxes including an ‘road exercise’ option to give your car a sedate run on public roads when conditions are appropriate.

Cleaning and valeting can also be carried out. The latter being ideal as part of a post-storage commissioning when the car is prepared for a return to use. Autoexpress can also prepare cars prior to be taken to auction or when they are to be sold.